About us

AMACI - Associazione dei Musei d’Arte Contemporanea Italiani, a not-for-profit association of 24 of the most important contemporary art museums in Italy, was established in 2003 in order to create a solid institutional culture of modern and contemporary art in our country.

From the time it was founded, AMACI has focused on three fundamental objectives: meeting, knowing others and making ourselves known.


The foundation of AMACI has created a network of museums active in the field of contemporary art, based on the profitable exchange of information, ideas and experiences that would otherwise be hard to implement, and the sharing of models for the growth and improvement of the standards of quality of our institutions. Mutual knowledge and ongoing engagement have allowed us to screen the “state of health” of our museums, highlight problems and, through sharing, benefit from the positive experiences of member institutions.

The constant dialogue generated by membership in an association allows the museums to question themselves constantly on the role and identity of the contemporary art museum in our society, caught between the globalization of the instruments of knowledge and the fragmentation of interventions.


AMACI was founded as a place of encounter, as a round table at which member museums and public and private institutions in this sector participate to exchange and compare ideas, projects and programmes. This sharing encourages a greater flow of information and knowledge, also backed by profitable exchanges of educational experiences in the field of education in contemporary art, cultural negotiations with the main national and international museums, and synergic agreements with the business world, permitting joint ventures that can interpret the professional skills of private industry with those of the public sector.

The development and growth of the Association during these first few years of activity have helped forge a dense network of relations among museums and institutions that can guarantee a continuous exchange of projects, programmes and know-how, and renewed dynamism in the process of developing contemporary culture.


In just a few years, thanks to the support of many public and private institutions in Italy and to the attention and interest of the top national media, AMACI has become prominent on the country’s contemporary art scene. The importance of its institutional role in supporting and promoting the art of our day, both in Italy and abroad, has gained growing recognition.