Matropolitan Baroque
Baroque anthitesis of the classical canon
Mauro Molinari, Barocco Metropolitano, 2020, non applicabile gestione diritti immagine
11 December 2021
16:00 – 20:00
Internal Studio 5

if the Baroque is the antithesis of the classical canon, it is inventive, extravagant, disproportionate, then the definition of metropolitan baroque, which Molinari gives to his latest works, is fitting. In this world of vaguely dreamlike cities, however, in the perspectives, in the dimensions, in the elements and colors, as well as in the suggestion of the dazzling and vaguely disturbing whole, we read a surveillance and a rigor of the composition that signal the precise intention and the refined craft of a longtime artist.
Emanuela Carone

Mauro Molinari
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Via Paolina 25, 00049, Velletri, Roma, Italy