Dante. The Eyes and the Mind. POP Saga
The exhibition is a major event focusing on Dante’s fame in popular culture, with a sections contemporary art with Tresoldi, Blank, Binga, Long, Battaglia
Edoardo Tresoldi, Sacral, _Mar_Ravenna © Roberto Conte
11 December 2021
09:00 – 18:00

At MAR in Ravenna is organised an exhibition dedicated to Dante Alighieri’s fame in popular culture and to his poem. A narration of words, sounds and images, from cinema to songs, from advertising to comics, from writing to the myriad of objects reproducing his famous profile as an icon, up to contemporary art visions, with famous names on the international scene.
Un’Epopea POP until 9 January 2022 is curated by Giuseppe Antonelli, and his collaborators, Giovanni Battista Boccardo and Federico Milone. Intersecting the exhibition is a contemporary art path curated by Giorgia Salerno.
The exhibition is a major event focusing on Dante’s fame in popular culture, his image and his work. Dante has been famous ever since the 14th century, to the extent that he has become part of the cultural universe we know as “pop” culture. This fame is also down to the artists that have told the story of Dante and his Divine Comedy using various forms of expression, from Doré’s illustrations to magic lanterns, novels, films, comic strips and videogames.
The exhibition is divided into several sections: Dante by heart, Dante by images, Dante in the cinema, Dante in parody, Dante at play, Dante for sale, Dante character, Dante icon, Dante at school, Dante and Beatrice with more than a hundred works and objects of the most disparate. The exhibition is linked to a contemporary art show, curated by Giorgia Salerno. This features works by contemporary artists selected for their conceptual affinity with Dante’s work, with key themes such as Souls, Journeys, Women, Dreams and Light. An immersion in Dante in which every theme depicted in the works contains references to places and people in Dante’s work and in his Divine Comedy. On show are international artists of the calibre of Edoardo Tresoldi, the creator of “Materia Assente” and the metal mesh cathedrals, gold. Tresoldi has brought to Ravenna his Sacral, a large architectural work chosen to reinterpret the Noble Castle or Castle of the Great Souls, an emblematic place we meet in Canto IV of the Inferno, inhabited by those who Dante considers virtuous souls of immense value but who have not been able to achieve salvation.
The Journey is told by the works of one of the main exponents of Land Art, Richard Long.
Within the section dedicated to Female figures, Letizia Battaglia, Tomaso Binga, Irma Blank, Rä di Martino, Maria Adele Del Vecchio, Giosetta Fioroni, Elisa Montessori, Antonia Pozzi and Kiki Smith reinterpret, through their works, the women of Dante.
The exhibition itinerary continues with the theme of the Dream and to represent it there are two artists: Robert Rauschenberg, artist among the main exponents of American pop art, with the 34 tables of Dante's Inferno and Adelaide Cioni who created an immersive site-specific work designed for the section.
The exhibition ends with a work from the MAR collections, Stella-acidi by Gilberto Zorio, as a reference to the theme of Light and the stars.

MAR- Museo d'Arte della città di Ravenna
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Via di Roma, 13, 48121, Ravenna, RA, Italy