Contemporary Fornace
Matteo Benetazzo, autoritratto in studio, 2019
11 December 2021
15:00 – 21:00
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"MY ART WORK-Contemporary Furnace" is an OPEN STUDIO that will involve the public during a visit inside the atelier, entering a particular context located in an ancient Fornace of the mid-19th century, located in the Tuscan hills of the Municipality of Laterina Pergine Valdarno (AR). The visitor can immerse himself in a historical-landscape concept where the artistic activity will be the host. The studio will present my research in the field of art, through projections, installations and presentation of pictorial works. The tour will be led by the artist Matteo Benetazzo and will be enriched by testimonies collected during the last ten years of his artistic career, in particular, those related to the surrounding area.

Matteo Benetazzo
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Via Presciano n 19, 52019, Laterina Pergine Valdarno, Arezzo, Italy