curator Miroslava Hàjek
Pavel Korbicka, Carlotta Cernigliaro
11 December 2021
17:30 – 19:30
Light installations in the Villa Central hall, 2nd floor gallery, terrace, park

The artist wants to make the viewer aware of the visual freedom that can be practiced in any historical context in the same way that we can use history as a guideline for our future.
The neon tube becomes the luminous sign that we can consider a tangible and relevant point of view. The light is distributed on the objects, modulating its intensity in relation to the characteristics of the surface and its variations, suggesting the three-dimensionality of the objects themselves, giving them definition and outlining their shapes, giving rhythm and color to the space involved.
The bright colors of the neon tubes emphasize the components of the architecture and change them, determining their new meaning that does not simply end in the diversity of the rules, but moves the subject of subjective space into a situation in which it is both confirmed and denied. The time during which the interference is configured determines the temporality of resinification that occurs upon over-objectification of the basic structure. Miroslava Hàjek

zero gravità villa cernigliaro per arti e culture associazione
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via Clemente Vercellone, 13817, Sordevolo, Biella, Italy