Guided tour
Underground guided tour of Palazzo Venier, museum of Bionika Art by Saverio Ungheri and frescoed room of the "Energy, Tiempo y Conciencia" project by Federico Kampf.
Andrea Nemiz Photografy
11 December 2021
18:30 – 20:30
Green Pass. Mask. Disclaimer.

In the ancient Suburra district, in front of the Traianei Markets, you can visit the path that, through rooms with vaults, blind stairways and Roman arches, leads to the "Sala del Pozzo", in ancient times the "Church of San Salvatore delle Milizie". The archaeological restoration of Ungheri after centuries of neglect has projected these environments from the "palus putredinis" in which they were buried in a new "communicative reality", a modern discourse of reworking of the interiors which, with Bionike sculptures and a new Intercultural project "Energy, Tiempo y Conciencia " made by the Federico Kampf creates a meta-empirical context of association between archived and present cultures. It will be up to the Friends of the Pulsating Lung to enhance this small extraordinary pattern re-emerged from the subsoil of ancient Rome so that it can take on more effective and positive projects of new stimulating openings of its associative system.

Polmone Pulsante
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