ERRATUM A Collection | A musical physiognomy of the soundscape
Roberto Masotti
11 December 2021
18:00 – 20:00

On the occasion of the Seventeenth edition of the Giornata del Contemporaneo promoted by AMACI - Associazione dei Musei d’Arte Contemporanea Italiani, in the “space of poetic consistency” and project Erratum about sound | visual | text is presented the new work of field recording Mahler (in / a) Cage | Casetta di composizione produced by Gruenrekorder (Gruen 203 / Germany) from a sound idea/concept sound by Sergio Armaroli with Alessandro Camnasio and the photographic actions of Roberto Masotti in situ, from the composition Casetta of Dobbiaco / Toblach (Bozen), in the soundscape in which Gustav Mahler composed his last works from 1909 to 1911 and in particular Il canto della terra (Das Lied von der Erde). The recording session took place over two summer days, from July to August 2020 from 5 in the morning onwards, in the period of the year in which Mahler himself resided in Dobbiaco to compose at the beginning of the century.

Mahler (in/a) Cage is a field recording work, a process of possible reconstruction of a hypothetical and natural soundscape, within Mahler’s music or rather his musical imaginary following some archetypal signals (e.g. cowbells, birdsongs). All this is traced back to the composition of John Cage Sculptures Musicales (1989): “Sounds lasting and leaving from different points and forming a sounding sculpture which lasts” (Marcel Duchamp). An exhibition of several (sonic sculptures), one at a time, beginning and ending “hard-edge” with respect to the surrounding “silence”, each sculpture within the same space the audience is. From one sculpture to the next, no repetition, no variation. For each a minimum of three constant sounds each in a single envelope. No limit to their number. Any lengths of lasting. Any lengths of non-formation. Acoustic and/or electronic [Peters Edition EP 67348].

In the Erratum exhibition space there will be some photographs by Roberto Masotti that will accompany the visit to the listening of the sound landscape reconstructed through theoretical and imaginative interweaving in the form of a sound installation by Sergio Armaroli and Alessandro Camnasio.

A space for listening and experimentation, Erratum presents itself to the public as a laboratory of ideas where the contamination between the arts and their encounter with music leads to unexpected results, proposing itself as a reference point for creatives, musicians, poets and artists. Communication of the exhibition curated by MADE4ART.

Viale Andrea Doria 20 , 20124, Milano , MI, Italy