Ercole Pignatelli. Germinations
Solo exhibition of Ercole Pignatelli curated by Vittorio Schieroni at Belyaev Art Gallery.
Francesco Pignatelli
11 December 2021
15:00 – 18:00

After the success of the exhibition dedicated to the Russian painter Alexander Belyaev who last March inaugurated the headquarters in Via Montebello 30 in Milan, Belyaev Art Gallery now presents the monographic exhibition of a great Italian Master, Ercole Pignatelli (Lecce, 1935), with a selection of works that outlines his long and articulated artistic journey together with a nucleus of unpublished works made on recycled material resulting from his most recent production.

«The personal exhibition "Germinazioni"», says Vittorio Schieroni, Curator of the project and Artistic Consultant of Belyaev Art Gallery, «wants to highlight the extraordinary evolutions of the art of Ercole Pignatelli, who through different phases and periods has always maintained a deep coherence such as to make each work immediately attributable to his dispensing hand of color and poetry, to his dreamlike imagination and full of energy that emerges from the surface. Nature, in its incessant birth and development, procreation and regenerate itself, presents itself to our eyes in the form of turgid and full fruits, of southern landscapes dried by the sun and female figures where the flesh offers itself to the eye with all its sensual promise of fecundity. Little changes if the protagonist of the painting is a lush forest or an animal creature, a human being: they are all germinations produced by a single mysterious, infinite life force».

At Belyaev Art Gallery will be presented works on canvas or paper made by Pignatelli since the fifties, in an almost anthological journey that will land up to the last paintings on everyday objects and waste. A set of works that, as a whole, seems to recall an acute definition of his friend and Master Lucio Fontana: «The man-artist union is always at work in him. Therefore, his painting is always unitary, even in the variants of discourse».

On the occasion of the Diciassettesima Giornata del Contemporaneo AMACI, Belyaev Art Gallery will provide a special opening on Saturday 11 December from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m..

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