"Contemporary man between decay and redemption"
“… The figures, like disturbing apparitions, come out of their real bodies to take on forms declining emptiness and the absence of spirituality.
Autore: Andrea Bonanno, Dialogo n. 106, olio, cm 50x60, 2006, credit, Collezione Bongiani Art Museum di Salerno (Italy).
11 December 2021
18:00 – 23:30
Retrospective Exhibition of Contemporary Art

Online event at the Virtual Gallery
Sandro Bongiani Vrspace


Retrospective exhibition by Andrea Bonanno entitled, "Contemporary man between decay and redemption", with works from 1977-2021, curated by Sandro Bongiani, tries to take stock of the anonymous condition of contemporary man for a long time investigated by artist with coherence and creative originality. A vision intended as a revelation of the condition of degradation, aimed at investigating and responding to the problem of the fate of homo tecnologicus, represented as an estranged figure of inconsistency and a tormented split, now unable to search for his being and his true identity .
Anonymous presences live in a persistent interrogative and metaphysical silence, as well as human spaces revealed as areas of commensuration between loss and dream. A particular weltanschauung of man presented as a desolate envelope, without internal organs and soul, barely communicating with each other, in a climate marked by an ungrateful loneliness and a nagging dissolution.
They are presences of the absence of the human, who try in vain to regain vitality, to resist the immense loss of their imaginative and critical-reflexive functions. The figures coexist in desolate landscapes, wandering around toxic degraded scenarios upset by a persistent polluting action that seems to reflect the stigmata of the upheaval too. Almost always, they show the dark side of an unusual stillness; in reality, only fleeting apparitions remain, with presences that have emerged from their real bodies to take on forms declining emptiness and absence. According to this particular theme in painting the man investigated with an acute "verifying", reflective and critical attitude, the lost absence of man is denounced and the invitation to rethink, to rediscover a glimmer of redemption, of possible liberation from a condition that profoundly alienates and deeply degrades man, leading him to his complete deconstruction and to a total denial of his precarious and inconsistent human condition. Sandro Bongiani.

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