Anthological Exhibition by Paolo Gubinelli "Signs, scratches and color"
Anthological Exhibition, works from 1984 - 2021
Opera di Paolo Gubinelli, Graffi, colori in polvere e spray, cm77x112, 2020 Credit: Archivio Paolo Gubinelli, Firenze
11 December 2021
18:00 – 23:30
Anthological exhibition by Paolo Gubinelli with works from 1984 - 2021

The event will be held at the Virtual Gallery
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Anthological exhibition "Signs, scratches and color", with works from 1984-2021, curated by Sandro Bongiani. Paolo Gubinelli's artistic activity is grafted onto a particular aspect of research, experiences and experiments in which the sign, the trace and the color, together with the paper, are the absolute protagonists. An urgent need to purify matter, with an absolute white that always re-emerges to become an apparition, light, and reflection of life. These authentic and unusual transcriptions and analytical progressions innervated by a constant imaginative tension become authentic scores of light, in the awareness of a purely visible reality. A delicate and unusual geometry emerges from the surface of the work in search of brightness, played on the subtle and dark thread of the sign and on the chromatic stroke, with a variation of moods always in constant tension in the need for an urgent need for research and representation. In this unusual and immediate tension to transcribe the hidden thoughts of the mind, with a barely perceptible veiled sign, Paolo Gubinelli reveals to us the free movement of consciousness, in an entirely lyrical interpretation that relies on poetry and the intimate immateriality of hidden moods and passing. Joining through suspended signs and traces of fragile material, synthetically provisional and enveloping, with a keen interest in paper, felt as a congenial means of expression; in the early days revealed with a worthy geometric-constructive rigor and in a logical and rational analytic form in search of light, and today, in the latest works, investigated in a freer expression that is concretized with some subtle signs and minimal scratches, engraved in relief on immaculate paper, and provisionally defined within the delicate tones and watercolor or pastel gestures of a decidedly insubstantial and fragile material. An engraved sign truly the only one as a tool to investigate the existence and dark life of man. Minimal traces, marked by an unusual process, allow the artist to detect a subject of painful and praised moods, insistently played on the presence and on the taut thread of meditation between consciousness, desire and aspiration. Truly an unusual geometry of the mind connected by fragments of meaning in becoming that suddenly makes the material emerge and at the same time dissolves in the emptiness of the fragile paper to place itself in the dark meanders, in the most hidden and intimate corner of our inner world, in a sort of transient rarefied and mental consistency of moods in which existence, now reduced to a fragile emergence of thought in the most inconsistent and painful unconsciousness of acting, can finally be incarnated. Sandro Bongiani

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