Inori - Damiano Fasso
Video on a mizugoromo (costume for Noh Theatre)
Damiano Fasso, Inori, 2021. Copyright Damiano Fasso
11 December 2021
11:30 – 17:30
Green Pass needed

The Museum of Oriental Art exposes the video “Inori” (2021) by Damiano Fasso. It will be a video projected on a jacket inspired to mizugoromo, a costume used in the Noh theatre by workers, wanderers or yamabushi. Here the suit seems to refer to an human presence without revealing it. The projectionis is like an epiphany: suggestions and symbolisms emerge, creating complex structures. The work wants to be a symbolic prayer (as the Japanese title suggests), and an invitation to the contemplation.
The projection is accompanied by the sound of taiko and the ciclic nature of time.
The video presents images and colours with a strong archetypic value, like the water, the eye, the fishes, accompanied by the inscriptions, typical expression of the pop and virtual culture.

Damiano Fasso (Montecchio Maggiore, 1976) is an artist that use the language of the neopop culture to meditate on current social problems and themes.
He studied Italian Literature at Catholic University in Brescia and had a degree at the Fine Arts Academy. He also studied Asian languages and cultures, often included in his artistic activity that includes painting, photography, video and installations

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