Martirio (faith in San Gennaro and the vaccine)
Faith at the time of Covid 19: art or science?
Collezione privata Sciusciante
11 December 2021
10:00 – 20:00
The Michele Franzese collection opens to the public by presenting a collective that has as its object of contemporary investigation San Gennaro and faith in vaccines.

Martirio (faith in San Gennaro and the vaccine)

Collective of contemporary artists who have questioned the relationship between faith and science, the ideal connector, in this relationship between faith and martyrdom, the figure of San Gennaro, at the time of Covid 19 in a nation with a public debt of 160% , is it enough to have faith or is it better to get vaccinated in the name of science?
Among the artists present in the collective are Santini del Prete, Zuromskas, Zago, Gianfranco Sergio and Mario Pischedda.

Collezione Franzese
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