Imago Galli
“Imago Galli” is a unique effigy created by Ornella Baratti Bon for the ex libris of Conventino Caffè Letterario on the occasion of the Conventino’s centenary
Il Conventino Caffè Letterario
11 December 2021
11:00 – 21:00

Since 1920 the Conventino has become a reference artistic and craft center, not only for the city of Florence. To celebrate the centenary, the painter Ornella Baratti Bon- Florentine artist whose studio is located within the compex in Via Giano della Bella - has created in collaboration with the Caffè Letterario for the ex libris, the effigy “Imago Galli” to be impressed on the books present in its library thus marking their belonging to the place.
The symbolism linked to the rooster has very ancient roots, from East to West; detaining its central role in stories, legends and religions, it marks the beginning of the day and the end of darkness. From now on it will be the guardian of the Conventino's books.
On 11 December 2021 the project will be presented, accompanied by one of the “Quaderni del Conventino” dedicated to the "Imago Galli", in the spaces of the Cafeteria in the presence of the artist. On this occasion the image will be imprinted on each volume of the library and of the Conventino bookshop.

Associazione Città Sostenibile
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Via Giano della Bella, 20, 50124, Firenze , Firenze, Italy