CRALATTA a work of art to wear
The artist Davide Ferraris presents his cralatte in Marsala, cult and unique accessories between fashion, design and art that become works of art to wear.
CRALATTE di DAVIDE FERRARIS Courtesy Davide Ferraris
11 December 2021
11:00 – 20:00
the studio is open on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 December ore 11/13 e 16/20

His name is Davide Ferraris and he is a young and cultured artist who has created two particular objects: the bow tie and the CRALATTA, made in tin, artistic creations loved by many VIPs in the world of art, music and culture in the world.

For the 17th DAY OF CONTEMPORARY AMACI Association of Italian Contemporary Art Museums
Angela Trapani in her studio in Marsala in Sicily presents the works of Davide Ferraris.
-I wore a CRALATTA and it was like walking around with a work of art in plain sight, everyone noticed and rejoiced, beyond the genius it is a small "strip" that spreads beauty-
The artist will be present and will illustrate the various stages of realization even for a personalized CRALATTA.

The CRALATTA (tin tie), an innovative fashion expression by Davide Ferraris, embodies the idea of ​​being able to give a new shape and context to the metal, reviving in the form of a fashion accessory, it is composed of an aluminum plate coupled with a fabric (Alcantara) , and from a band to the satin “tie knot” to be able to wear it.

The tin combined with fashion fabrics is modeled to make it an original and refined accessory, a product that communicates elegance, friendliness and uniqueness by merging the three worlds dear to the designer: Fashion, Art and Design.
With the CRALATTA the artist won the "First Fantasy Prize" at the TRIENNALE in Milan.

The CRALATTA is one of the signed and patented creations in the world of "Tin Plate" (registered trademark and logo) (literal translation in Italian "flat tin"), where aluminum, rigid and cold, becomes a malleable element in continuous transformation and evolution in colors and graphics.
Several artists and illustrators collaborate with Davide Ferraris to transfer the subject of their works to the CRALATTE to wear.

His Cralatte and bow ties can be admired in many high fashion houses, one of which is dedicated to the FERRARI brand. They own at least one Vasco Rossi, Giorgio Armani, Sting, Nick The Nightfly, Al Gore, Eros Ramazzotti, Umberto Galimberti, Maurizio Marinella, etc.

Davide Ferraris is a sculptor, painter, graphic designer and artist at 360 °. His creative roots lie in his homeland, the Aosta Valley, where he learned the technique of wood carving; at the Aosta Art Institute he obtained two diplomas, the first in Master of Art (sculpture section) and the second in Applied Art. In 1999 he graduated in Industrial Design with excellent marks at the I.E.D. European Institute of Design in Milan with a thesis in collaboration with Philips and the international designer Denis Santachiara. He has participated in numerous artistic and design events. His sculptures in wood and marble have recently been exhibited and sold in America, one of which through the prestigious Saatchi Gallery in London.

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Via San Giovannello 2, 91025, Marsala, TRAPANI, Italy