Transience Identity
Meditations about human being and his transitions across the space.
Yuri Boyko, Transience, 2015, copyright Yuri Boyko, courtesy ART1307.
11 December 2021
17:30 – 20:00
Open time: 9:30am - 13:30pm / 16:30pm - 19:30pm

Yuri Boyko and Claudio Santini are representatives of a conversation about the place (the public one, that of the street, and the private one, of the house) and the deepest self-intimacy.
On one hand, Boyko's work is characterized by a strong desire to express the heterogeneous and multiform identity of the human being. This latter, at times also becomes scenographic, fictitious, almost contrived: the true nudity of some subjects is contrasted by the constructed use of poses, objects, or costumes which occasionally are used.
In Santini’s work, on the other hand, the space becomes public: it is indeed the place of the streets, the bridges, the facades of the houses that inspire his art; a dance of geometric lines that seem destined to converge towards a single horizon, even though they could never meet.
This exhibition will be held in the spaces of ART1307, an Art Gallery conceived as an intimate place always waiting for the public: because one cannot exist without the other.

Rampe di S. Antonio a Posillipo 104 , 80122, Napoli, Napoli, Italy