the influence of place
Chiara Cosentino, Visual grafico Portici, 2021, copyright Chiara Cosentino
11 December 2021
09:30 – 19:00

On the occasion of the celebrations for the establishment of the first American Consulate in Italy and 225 years after its birth in Naples, ART1307 Cultural Institution presents a project that wants to combine the American spirit with the Campanian one through an exhibition that links American writers of the past who had the opportunity to visit our Region and wrote their impressions, with contemporary visual artists who over the years have also had the same opportunity and, inspired by the former, can elaborate today a visual "version" through works that give the deep and magical sense of the territory.
A "reading" and a re-reading of Naples and Campania that from the past reaches our contemporaneity in a path that cancels Time.
An unprecedented reading of the socio / cultural context of our land seen from the outside and with eyes not contaminated by feelings and affections of, we would say, "genetic" origin.
The intent of the survey does not want to be limited to an exercise of pure and mere aesthetics, but tends to have a social and cultural value relative to the area.
We want to investigate the feelings that our region inspires in the people who approach the territory from abroad, what is the attraction that this region exerts for foreigners and what is the energy they have felt coming out of the territory and the people they meet.
After 225 years of communication and presence of American Consulate in Naples, we think there is a sort of special connection between lands and people: we can immagine that a sense of community was created in years of connections and relations; a sense of confidence and trust between the two countries and people who had the opportunity to meet each other and develop many kind of relationships.

Reggia di Portici
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Via Università, 100, 80055, Portici, Napoli, Italy