Under the spell of Caravaggio
On show Hertha Miessner
Hertha Miessner, Contraposition-noire 10 und 05, 2019, copyright Hertha Miessner, courtesy ART1307
11 December 2021
10:00 – 18:00

The Cultural Institution ART1307 with the Pio Monte della Misericordia, will present to the public the work of a german artist, Hertha Miessner.

The artist who has exhibited all over the world and whose works are present in prestigious public and private collections, lives and works in Munich. After graduating in painting at the local Academy of Art, starting from the 90's, she enriched her personal pictorial research with the manipulation of the sign through the use of new media.

Starting from a fragment of the real, Miessner de-materializes the object to insert it into the intangible world of the virtual. Her painting, more real and alive than ever despite the medium through which she decides to act, is a path of memories, where the selected fragment serves to inventory an entire era: it gives shape to a collective memory making it relive through its own language. of our time.
These fragments can be old remnants of photographic film or scraps of previously painted canvases which, when they will manipulated, create virtual scenographies of Baroque inspiration through the use of color and chiaroscuro; an Italian Baroque linked to the Counter-Reformation, made of violent and sanguine colors, heavy drapery and rich in a dramatic scene that is over-increased thanks to the presence of sacred subjects.

The use of the digital medium allows the artist to "bring the interior outward, in a counterpoint of near and far, recognizable and hidden, light full of color and deep darkness" or to "let invisible things appear, unite what is not possible, to find new ways ”.

A search for memory that becomes a living, real, current object.

Pio Monte della Misericordia
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Via dei Tribunali 253, 80139, Napoli, Napoli, Italy