Presentation of the restoration of the work "VERTIGO IS NOT AFRAID OF FALLING BUT WANT TO FLY" by Gino Peripoli by the artist Pamela Grigiante
A memory A restoration The restoration of the work of Gino Peripoli by the artist Pamela Grigiante
11 December 2021
11:00 – 12:00

Saturday 11 December 2021 at 11.00 at the Sojo Park will be inaugurated the work created by the late artist Gino Peripoli entitled "VERTIGO IS NOT FEAR TO FALL BUT WANT TO FLY" restored by the artist Pamela Grigiante.

In 2010 Gino Peripoli proposed me a work by seeing a large chestnut tree knocked down by the fury of the wind. He would have dissected the large shaft into 7 large trunks / pillars which would subsequently be hoisted and planted around a circle. A large hearth would be created in the middle of the circle which during the solstice periods would serve to celebrate the awakening of nature and man.
Unfortunately, the work was not completed and the pillars remained where Gino had left them. Over the years, the colors of the first coat have disappeared and the true patina of time has emerged.

After 10 years, the artist Pamela Grigiante proposed the restoration on such a delicate theme as that of bringing a work by another artist to new life.
There are many ways of making restorations: there can be conservative and interpretative.
La Grigiante has decided to use both. After having cleaned it well and eliminated mosses and weeds, she interpreted it, completing it with the original colors.

The result achieved deserves approval for its stylistic and aesthetic correctness and I am sure that Gino would be enthusiastic about it. On seeing her he would have exclaimed “Grande Pamela Grande Pamela”.

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VIA COVOLO, 36062, LUSIANA CONCO, Vicenza, Italy