Canova | Fabio Zonta
Fabio Zonta's Canova
Fabio Zonta. The Marble
11 December 2021
07:00 – 20:00

Fabio Zonta’s Canova
Photographing Canova is like photographing Venice; both subjects are overused as images. It is a challenge to the obvious and banal, even the insignificant, for eyes attracted only by novelty. A challenge that Zonta accepted some years ago by photographing the plaster models, preserved at the Gipsotheca in Possagno, of the marble sculptures scattered all over the world and a central part of western artistic iconography for two centuries.
The result: an exhibition at the Italian Consulate in New York, which attracted many new devotees of photographer Fabio Zonta. A selection of the works exhibited in New York, to be shown next spring in various national museums, is exhibited in the Kunstraum Café Mitterhofer, following a tradition of bringing renowned photographers to the exhibition space.

Kunstraum Café Mitterhofer
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Via Peter Paul Rainer 4, 39038, San Candido, Bolzano, Italy