Poetry of objects / Objects of poetry
XVII Contemporary Day, promoted by AMACI. Sound event with music by the Duo Sutera Novali (violin, piano).
Gian Paolo Roffi, "Matrix", 2020
11 December 2021
16:00 – 20:00

"The twentieth-century poetic experimentalism that made poetry from time to time visual, sound, performative or 'total', to say it again with Adriano Spatola, certainly could not overlook the possibility of an object poetry, coldly reified in hardness and opacity of material data of all kinds. (...)
Roffi's poetic-object inventions are many and diversified; it is rather difficult, in fact, to trace a linear stylistic genealogy, perhaps also because of that tendency to variety which the world of objects induces, and it is therefore advisable to let themselves speak, to give word to 'things themselves', relying on the safe means of the description. (...)
Language and reality, word and object, letter and image merge and merge, therefore, in the entire work of Gian Paolo Roffi to give us back the inconsistencies, fractures and conflicts of a difficult but very necessary relationship, the one between writing and experience. , in a perspective that is as broad as possible, open and total ".

Pasquale Fameli

(From: P. Fameli, "Gian Paolo Roffi. La quadratura del cerchio", Campanotto Editore, 2016

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