Tartaruga con la vela: Lampada per la mente
Archivio DNA Marateacontemporanea Associazione Arti visive
11 December 2021
17:30 – 20:30
info 3319150695

Mind lamp
The ampelodesma (Ampelodesmos mauritanicus) known locally, in the Gulf of Policastro, as a hand cutter; it creates in the soil a fertile layer for the vegetative restart of itself and of other plants (favored by the rich root system). Pliny the Elder speaks of it in his Naturalis Historia. A creative geologist, Pompeo Limongi, reuses it to make lamps of the mind capable of illuminating beyond the darkness of contemporary thought. On the 11th at 6 pm, nine lamps of the mind will illuminate the Raku ceramic work by Paolo Tommasini, in the DNAMarateacontemporanea Gallery in Maratea: A turtle with a sail.
The DNAMarateacontemporanea association will donate the work to the municipality of Pieve di Cento, for its ability to hurry slowly, and create "The schools", a masterful example of contemporary cultural standard that goes beyond the borders of the region to which it belongs, and to interpret better the thought of Cosimo dei Medici I who used this oxymoron to describe the strategic sagacity of his fleet.

DNA Marateacontemporanea
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