Ancor Camus Geo Logica Mente
Archivo DNA Marateacontemporanea Associazione Culturale Arti Visive
11 December 2021
11:00 – 17:00
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Geo Logica Mente
Ancor Camus
The artist Mimmo Longobardi brings to Caggiano, on the initiative of the Association of Visual Arts DNA Marateacontemporanea, a first experimental project of Museo in Transito, a research project on contemporary territorial museology. The project starts from Albert Camus' trip to Greece and enhances his political idea of ​​Europe for a possible plural civilization. The title Ancor Camus, rewritten in all the languages ​​of the European Union, reveals the main idea, and it is no coincidence that in addition to the Ancor Camus flag shown on the postcard, many other artist flags, painted on the canvas / sail donated by the navigator Giovanni Soldini, accompany the experimental project in Caggiano. The birthplace of Achille Bonito Oliva, now owned by the municipality, becomes the home of museums in transit for five years, until it is possible to define a feasibility of the temporary / contemporary capable of embracing an economic and cultural sustainability appropriate to the times.
Pasquale Persico

Flags: Artists.
Angelo Accardi, Calì, Vincenzo Cascone, Laura Cionci, Salvatore Comminiello Niccolò De Napoli, Raffaele Iannone, Giuseppe Antonello Leone, Rossano Liberatore, Pompeo Limongi, Mimmo Longobardi, Felice Lovisco, Arcangelo Moles, Salvatore Pepe, Tobia Rava, Stefania Salti.

Palazzo Oliva
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Centro storico, 84030, Caggiano, Salerno, Italy