Claudio Rotta Loria
Space, light, surface
Claudio Rotta Loria
11 December 2021
17:00 – 19:00
Finissage of the event with the participation of the artist and the curator in which the exhibition catalog will be presented, enriched by numerous images of the works set up in the evocative spaces of the Rocca di Umbertide.

La Rocca - Center for Contemporary Art of Umbertide hosts the exhibition SPACE, LIGHT, SURFACE by the artist CLAUDIO ROTTA LORIA until 11 December.

The event, organized by the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Umbertide with the collaboration of Matteo Ragni Contemporary Art of Forlì, is curated by Giorgio Bonomi.

The exhibition presents two of the main cycles of the artist's works: "Spatializations of elementary forms" and "Light interference surfaces". These works establish, in their installation on the fascinating walls of the Rocca, a sort of "correspondence of loving senses" between ancient medieval reality and the rigorous contemporaneity of abstract works. The exhibition offers the opportunity to grasp the prerequisites of investigation and the set of processes and procedures for the elaboration of the work that characterize the work of Rotta Loria who, since the end of the 1960s, has been conducting experimental research that is divided into parallel cycles of interconnected works. With respect to the entire corpus of the work, the exhibition at the Rocca di Umbertide relates - and for the first time - two of these cycles to highlight not only their peculiarities, but also, and in particular, the affinities of their components. fundamental due to a verification of the relationship with the procedures adopted. Both of these cycles are characterized as research on the theme of the surface that presents itself with the multiple modular shapes, made with regular cuts and "perfect" precision, which cause a rhythmic play of light and shadow and create exciting tonal nuances in the monochrome work. . The works of the Piedmontese artist, although based on mathematical rigor and on "operationalist" philosophies, precisely because they are works of art, overcome the coldness that analyticity sometimes presents, to offer the viewer certainly rational thoughts but also emotional sensations of big impact.

The exhibition can be visited until 11 December. For information: 075.9413691

CLAUDIO ROTTA LORIA (Turin, 1949), is one of the exponents of Italian programmed art at the turn of the sixties and seventies. He conducts research declined in cycles of works in parallel development, which are characterized by constant spatial, object and environmental implications. His exhibition activity is accompanied by participation in important exhibitions and personal exhibitions in Italy and abroad, including: Quadrennial of Rome (1975), Arteder of Bilbao (1982), Ephémèrité, Paris (1987), Forum Konkrete Kunst of Erfurt (1994), Venice Biennale (2011, 2017). Works by him can be found in the collections of Italian and foreign museu

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