Near and distant
Sabina Feroci and Selene Frosini are two sculptors from Carrara (Italy) and in this exhibition are in dialogue through tha matter: marble and papermaché
credits EContemporary
11 December 2021
17:00 – 20:00

Sabina Feroci, an artist already established on the international art scene, is famous for her papier-maché' sculptures while Selene Frosini is a young marble sculptor on the contemporary art scene.
Sabina Feroci works a malleable material as papier-mâché to create her dreamlike representations which, once finished, to the touch or from a simple and superficial vision seem to have been made with a resistant material as eg. wood. On the other hand, Selene Frosini creates interesting sculptures in Carrara marble, giving the vision of working a malleable material thanks to a skilful drilling process that makes marble a kind of contemporary lace.

EContemporary (Elena Cantori Contemporary)
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Via Crispi, 28, 34125, Trieste, Trieste, Italy