GorG One gives life and soul to a soft and screaming nature
GorG One 2019
11 December 2021
10:30 – 18:00
Art contemporary exhibition

In GorG One, who lives in ‘La Reunion’ since 2005, the link between graffiti and the poetic environment spontaneously creates a meaning. The artist expresses with simplicity his deep respect for Nature in the choice of subjects that, in the staging and in the painted atmosphere, suggest the fragility of life. He thus leads us towards an art whose characteristics express the shape of things and the impulses of dream; they are not simple contours; through the solids and voids,
the white that contains them, the space they suggest, they already contain the volume (without ever imprisoning it) and the light (always changing).

GorG One gives life and soul to a soft and screaming nature. Intermediate tones in strict harmony suggest the passage of time. As in the futurist avant-garde, the artist breaks down and recomposes the beauty of movement into nature. The shapes reveal, unfold the casual movement of the whale and the precise beat of a bird's wings. The monkey, the most representative animal of our own bestiality, gagged, blinded, is deaf in the face of our daily problems. Free and aerial, birds show us the fragility of our existence by connecting the earth and the sky, the real and the imaginary.
Endangered species such as whales or insects, they evoke the greatness and the smallness, the poetry of the world around us and convinces us to preserve it. With this bestiary that brings together works from different eras, the artist shares with us some phases of his personal and artistic life.

Centrum Sete Sóis Sete Luas | Associazione Culturale Gruppo Immagini
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Viale Rinaldo Piaggio 82, 56025, Pontedera, Pisa , Italy