Sipicciano and Graffignano (VT) The Festival of Art
For the fourth consecutive, timethe participation in the seventeenth edition of the Contemporary Day
11 December 2021
12:00 – 22:00

Sipicciano and Graffignano (VT) The Festival of Art
The Proloco di Sipicciano, with the collaboration of the Municipality and the Proloco di Graffignano, the Agricultural University of Sipicciano, announce for the fourth consecutive time, the participation in the seventeenth edition of the Contemporary Day which will take place on the national territory on Saturday 11 December 2021. The initiative will have as its fil rouge the theme of the performative in reference not only to the experience of the performer's corporeality on the stage, but above all the urgency to rethink new dynamics of interaction with the public through the sharing of space. The “performative” theme was identified for its ability to be a catalyst and activator of relationships and actions that can generate new forms of public involvement and increase the social impact of the museum in the community of reference. The museums and associated exhibition spaces will plan and propose activities related to these themes in a coordinated manner for the Day of the Contemporary.
In Sipicciano and Graffignano various activities called to leave a mark, initiatives that will not only involve the exhibition structures of the two villages, the Baglioni Castle in Graffignano, the Baronial Room, the Baglioni Chapel in Sipicciano, but also the external walls of the town, with projections and art installations. The former Enel tower reopens as an exhibition space (Uninhabitable for more than thirty years) in the guise of a micro museum, with musical performances and various events. A rich program that can be followed based on a specific itinerary.

Proloco di Sipicciano
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Piazza Plebiscito 13, 01020, Sipicciano, Viterbo, Italy