Humanity Circus
Mostra personale di Michele Mereu Titolo: Humanity Circus con testo critico di Ilaria Marongiu c/o Arrubiu Art Gallery cafè Oristano Via Mazzini, 88
Michele Mereu "Groundpark" serie Humanity Circus 2021
11 December 2021
08:00 – 20:00

HUMANITY CIRCUS - Text by Ilaria Marongiu

Michele Mereu interprets the pictorial space as a large container of multiple meanings in which he inserts figures of animals, objects, human grafts, industrial architecture, consumer goods, natural elements, gestural signs close to abstraction.
In the complexity of the accumulations of these subjects / objects, similar to landfills, bizarre characters arise that color these environments. The large space from which the vision is drawn is characterized by a sometimes hidden horizontal line that marks the rhythm of the narrative and provides the observer with the direction of the gaze.

The horizon is like the matrix of a prolific world which by parthenogenesis originates by itself extending itself into the airspace and terrestrial space in which this strange humanity comes to life that recalls the playful circus dimension and at the same time the suspended atmosphere of the theater of the absurd. The space is often interrupted by the looming presence of anonymous and aseptic buildings and suburban buildings, or by post-nuclear still lifes composed of material tangles and references to the forms of human and animal anatomy.

Peripheries as interstitial spaces or non-places that express an imaginary of the present where the admixture of polysemic elements reveal a highly sensitive human condition.
The subjects represented do not express themselves clearly, they do not take sides, they do not judge, they disguise themselves, they accept the plurality of what exists and what happens. Beings beyond time and space who inhabit this dystopian reality, still human for the emotions they often reveal.
This scenario reflects a society that lives its daily life, the subjects often observe us users as if we were alien visitors intent on observing their enclosures. From the glances emerge the contradictions of our time that act as a mirror creating disturbance, glimpses of humanity and anthropized spaces become an allegory of our present and near future.

For his visual experimentation, the artist positions himself in a gray area from which he enjoys a privileged view. From its point of observation and operation, it clearly highlights the need to push the observer to reflect on the structure of the work as a function of the emotional and rational feedback stimuli.
The expressive momentum of the subjects deliberately deformed and made changeable, characterizes the unveiling rather than the masking of their interiority, letting the forms that link up with each other flow to close in visual experiences full of meaning.

Arrubiu Art Gallery Cafè
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Oristano - Via Mazzini, 88, 09170, Oristano, Or, Italy