The Alchemy of Silence
Storytelling that becomes dance, image, sound and matter to reveal certain aspects of the contemporary universe
Photo by Franco Milani - Le Alchimie del Silenzio - Performance - 2021
11 December 2021
15:00 – 22:00

Alchemy - Αλχημεία".
The performance adopts codes that are not supported by language. It chooses to draw on the shared universe of human gestures, choreography and communication through images. In a direct and experimental way, its articulation openly draws on the ancient esoteric philosophical thought called Alchemy.
It investigates the expressive richness of symbolic elements and their evocative power, which are given a key role in the dramaturgical development and which, in these metaphorical flows become entities of change as well as generators of images.

Associazione Culturale Transmedia Arti Visive
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Località Risaia, 1, 34079, Staranzano, GO, Italy