The exhibition traces a precise story, through the works created in the two-year period from 1986/88, up to the recent oil on canvas and a site specific installation
Photo©️Attilio Scimone
11 December 2021
19:30 – 22:00

Solo exhibition of Alfonso Siracusa Orlando "The Black Christ / A Black Jesus" (2021)

In the exhibition rooms of the Clock Tower in Siculiana, the solo exhibition by Alfonso Siracusa Orlando entitled: Il Cristo Nero / A Black Jesus ", curated by Andrea Guastella, enriched by a critical text by Dario Orphée La Mendola and Luca Lucchesi.

The exhibition traces a precise story and accompanies us through the artist's works starting with the works created in the two-year period from 1986/88, together with the twelve more recent oil on canvas of various sizes and a site-specific installation. These new pictorial works of various sizes occupied Alfonso Siracusa Orlando for three years, crossing with the film / documentary by director Luca Lucchesi entitled "A Black Jesus", produced by Wim Wenders.

Artist: Alfonso Siracusa Orlando
Title: The Black Christ / A Black Jesus
Curated by: Andrea Guastella
Critical text: Dario Orphée La Mendola
Contributions in the catalog: Giuseppe Zambiente-Mayor of Siculiana,
Luca Lucchesi Director / A Black Jesus
Catalog: Aurea Phoenix Editions - Ragusa (2021)
Photos and catalog layout: Attilio Scimone
Lighting design: Domenico Marino
Exhibition organization and set-up: ALT Ass. Leisure and Tourisme / Stefano Siracusa
General organization: Norina Vento

Exhibition venue: Sala Torre dell’Orologio | Piazza Umberto I, Siculiana (Ag)
Entrance: by reservation only

Alfonso Siracusa Orlando
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Piazza Umberto I , 92010, Siculiana , AG, Italy