Sculptural intervention "Carrozzerie" by Alfredo Da Venezia
11 December 2021

Bodywork by Alfredo Da Venezia
(The bodywork / superstructure applied to the chassis of a vehicle)
Two words can be used to quote Gio Ponti's work: Lightness and Diamond. It is this last term that attracts even more the attention of Alfredo Da Venezia, since for his excursion into the design of a car, he considers it a rough diamond that could lead us to the creation of an industrial society. It must be said that Da Venezia comes from a family of small textile industrialists and lovers of machines and bodywork. It is therefore not difficult to understand the love and admiration that Da Venezia suffers for Gio Ponti; which was one of the symbols of the transition from classic to modern, working as a craftsman, designer, artist and architect in a historical juncture, making Milan one of the most modern cities of the Italian peninsula. It is here that Gio (together with other collaborators) becomes the link in the transition to modernism without losing the trace of the classic, generating a common thread of identity in the new productions ranging from a fork to Il Pirellone.
From Venice he takes YAGAN Delaunay, developing his work, reinterpreting and transforming it without losing the common thread and adapting it to our reality and our problems (just like Ponti did).

Alfredo From Venice
(Santiago 1973)
Visual and academic artist who considers himself a militant of drawing and a sympathizer of architecture. Since 1997 he has been making performances through the delocalization of graphics and painting using the city as his base. Currently he performs works whose object is bodily mutation as a metaphor for the failure of the promise of emancipation made by modernity. From digital drawing micro-cultures come to life that reproduce paradigmatic works of architecture and design created through 3D printing and which are recorded in macro photography.

Proloco di Sipicciano
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Piazza Plebiscito 13, 01020, Sipicciano, Viterbo, Italy