progressive interference textures
Pay attention to the gaze of others, to "interference", in fact, to listening.
mariangela calabrese/a studio/2021
11 December 2021
15:00 – 21:00

11 December 2021 from 3pm to 9pm
"Opening" the studio to make it a relational place, a resting and reflecting station is a central moment of artistic activity, on a par with expressive industriousness. Preliminary roles for an artist to pay attention to the gaze of others, to "interference", in fact, to listening. I think it is important to "intertwine" the two primary roles of my pace: that of "making art" by fielding different varieties of narrative languages and that of welcoming. Hence the need to make work a contaminating and contaminated territory ready to enrich itself, and to crowd itself with presences, references, clues and destinations coming (also) from dissimilar experiences. Here then is that "Lo studio aperto" is not just a place (or a modus) of occasional travel, rather of comparison and debate, and the title of the event - Progressive Interferences and Textures - wants to underline the meaning of this orientation: to interfere, weave, cross, understand, contaminate. “Open study” therefore becomes a region of crossed awareness, of correspondence strands of knowledge, supply of experiences and dictations.

mariangela calabrese artista
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via delle cinque strade 22, 03011, Alatri, Frosinone, Italy