Gusinu in blue
Gusinu in blu, 2021, copyright Ellequadro Documenti
11 December 2021

XVII AMACI Contemporary Day
December 11th, 2021

AMACI and Ellequadro Documenti together once again present:
Giuseppe Gusinu

Ellequadro Documenti joined the AMACI Contemporary Day from the very start.
The event has both live and online versions. Hence AMACI's goal is to prove, in one single day, the important role of Contemporary Arts in the cultural, social and economic development of our Country.

In the occasion Ellequadro Documenti presents "Gusinu in Blue", a selection of works of Giuseppe Gusinu with, as main theme, the colour blue: the colour of Liguria.

Joyfull and profound artist, Gusinu reinterprets the see and land of the ligurian riviera through the unmistakeable chromaticism of his trait. His works, dominated by the colours of his land, show the environment around him through the eyes of his sensibility, and bring the spectator in a world of bright, vibrant colours. His research is not limited to the canvas but it involves different materials and dimensions, from paper, to wood, to frescoes.

His versatility ranges from micro to macro works, and like artists of the past he produced commission works. As well the "Skies" for the Castille Hotel in Valletta, Malta for the XXIX edition of ARTOUR-O il MUST in 2019 or the pillars of the Causeway in Genoa for the "Walk The Line project" or the installation for Galliera Hospital in Genoa too. His works are exhibited at ABC 360° MUSiAT, the international and ongoing MUSeum Art Territory of Alice Bel Colle. His career is followed by Ellequadro Documenti.

Following the nomadic spirit of ARTOUR-O - main project of Ellequadro Documenti - the exhibition will take place simultaneously in Le Terrazze del Ducale in Genoa and in the institutional venue of Palazzo Negrone in Piazza Fontane Marose, and online.

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Le Terrazze del Ducale
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Piazza Matteotti 5, 16123, Genova, Genova, Italy