Mariano Pieroni
Dimension of the crisis. Obsolete soul. Seventeen double works, mixed technique: oil and plasticoni.
Mariano Pieroni, Asino Donald, 2016, plasticone, cm 164x50x120. Per gentile concessione di Mariano Pieroni
11 December 2021
15:30 – 19:30

A new exhibition by the artist Mariano Pieroni will be possible to admire at the Arianna Sartori Gallery, in Mantua in the room in via Ippolito Nievo 10.
The exhibition, curated by Arianna Sartori, will remain open to the public until next January 20, 2022 (closing from December 24 to January 6, 2022).

The broke out
Dimension of the crisis. Obsolete soul. Seventeen double works, mixed technique: oil and plasticoni.
Stratified story: the past totally hidden by a layer on which a representation is placed, a creative drive of the present time. Present that it is a documentation suffered from current affairs covid-19.
The nightmare and its enveloping embrace, the nightmare and its destructive dynamics are faces of the present.
What is below and cannot be seen (the substrate) is simple, small, available lost beauty.
We are at the dimension of the twilight crisis: “I love the rose that I did not catch” which is still a rose, today torn away because it is odorless and cemetery (of Gozzanian memory).
The crisis is to be experienced after all the insane leaps forward largely prescribed by the market philosophy; the crisis is necessary to put the reasons for the defeat back on the table.
Only if I resist without giving in to the noose that I have around my neck and therefore I find the reasons to use, to give bottom to residual energies, will I find myself in a position to live again. But without haste!
The covid-19 crisis is an opportunity for change. I was saying, seventeen works performed with a new, experimental technique, which is based on material transparencies, partly neutral. The overlapping of fragments of mimeographed paper, glue, acrylic colors, black and colored ink inks, are used and placed with a personal system, with recycled material, of disused food wrapping. Remains of outlined photos, remains of paper newspapers, a circadian mix treated with an archaic nib, and robust passages of full-bodied color, to materialize, visualize spaces as far and deep as possible without neglecting symbols and signs that emerge from my past and from once the most remote intuitable for a "sift" of meanings, contents, signs, novelties, above my roots. In summary: dimensional enhancement (a stylema) dimensionist. This series was born in November 2020 and continues the discourse of "Gli expliati" illustrating a research phase based on aesthetic values. Decantation of the commitment of living and aspects of beauty to be found in the labyrinths of drama in places and mists, or shades of the soul, and in the frustrated, denied and dispersed creative action, not only by covid-19, but also by an unhealthy idea of consumerist globality.
Mariano Pieroni, 2021

Galleria Arianna Sartori
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Via Ippolito Nievo, 10, 46100, Mantova, MN, Italy