The Syrian artist Kevork Mourad returns to Studio la Città with an exhibition that fully presents his artistic production
Kevork Mourad, Floating City, 2019, (dettaglio), acrilico su tela, 160x 310x60 cm, Courtesy Studio la Città
11 December 2021
11:00 – 17:00
Reservation and Green Pass are required

Following the success of Tower (a site-specific installation) and Floating Worlds (a solo show held on the occasion of the 16th edition of ArtVerona), Syrian artist Kevork Mourad returns to Studio la Città with an exhibition that fully presents his artistic production: from large-scale scenographic works to smaller three-dimensional fabric works.
Mourad, who has been living and working in New York for a several years now, was born in Qamishli, a town in north-eastern Syria, from Armenian parents. His origins play a fundamental role in his poetry, which is intimately linked to the beauty as well as the tragedy, of those places steeped in culture but also devastated by centuries of war.
The exhibited works, whether they are large-scale installations, works on textiles painted with ink - cut out and assembled in several layers -, monotypes, drawings on paper or acrylics on canvas, strike the viewer, besides with their incredible painting technique, because of the immersion in a world that no longer exists.
It is especially through his multi-layered paintings that Kevork Mourad expresses all his expertise and demonstrates his mastery of an utterly unique practice. The artist uses drawing and printing techniques that stem from his training as an engraver: with his ink reservoir and brush, he traces and blurs sinuous lines with great speed, creating incredible scenarios. His cities and monuments, often inspired by the stories of his ancestors, refugees from the Armenian genocide, evoke calligraphy, the weaving of Oriental fabrics and the ancient architecture of ravaged cultural centres such as Palmyra, Bosra and Aleppo.
The artist's intention, however, is not to stage a melancholic remembrance of his homeland, but rather to suggest a vital force that survives and transcends its ruin. To draw viewers into a space where they can experience shared memories, where everyone can recognise a piece of their own culture and enrich the work with their personal history.
For this exhibition, Mourad has decided to present not only large-scale "dynamic sculptures" but also works in a reduced size, mounted inside Plexiglas frames, where the three-dimensionality is achieved through skillful carvings in the fabric superimposed on two or more levels.

Studio la Città
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