Iron and Fire
The transformation of natural elements through the work of man bring them back to the origins, stimulating the search for new principles and new ways out
Ugo Gazzola Arsi vivi Prigioni 2013
11 December 2021
09:00 – 19:00
the artists are present at the GDC

Four Venetian artists, Ugo Gazzola, Roberto Lando, Rudy Stangherlin, Luigi Trentin, with academic and technical training, propose works in which, in addition to the traditional tools of the artist, equipment, tools and methods of the technical operator, of the craftsman are used , sculptor, blacksmith, restorer etc. The works presented have in common the use of iron while the brush is replaced by fire. The concept remains in demonstrating how the degradation of materials and natural things can awaken feelings aimed at restoring altered nature, respecting people and things by reconstructing a new dialectic of beauty.

Associazione Barco Mocenigo
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via Marconi 66, 31030, Castello di Godego, Treviso, Italy