Workshop per Curatore d'Arte
Eugenio Santoro, titolare di MuseOrfeo HomeGallery (Bologna) già partner dell'Università di Bologna, presenta una conferenza su come si diventa Curatori d'Arte.
Eugenio Santoro
11 December 2021
15:00 – 16:30
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Eugenio Santoro, owner of MuseOrfeo HomeGallery (Bologna) already partner of the University of Bologna, presents a conference on how to become an Art Curator and organizer of exhibitions and artistic events.

For those who love art in all its forms and want to express it to its full potential, a career opportunity could be to become an art curator. It deals with all the aspects that revolve around the organization of an exhibition and an exhibition. He supervises contents, set-ups, but also organization, promotion and, at times, financial and budget management. This professional is called an art curator.

It can follow different curatorial strategies, scientific approach (based on historical models) or creative (based on free connections between art forms). You can also choose between different display models, with a traditional layout or supported by high technology, or opting for an educational installation, made with printed materials and related documentation sheets.

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