Beatrice Meoni
A moment later
surplace, Varese
11 December 2021
15:00 – 19:00

Surplace presents "A moment later" a solo exhibition by Beatrice Meoni curated by Cesare Biratoni. Experience and dialogue around the forms of painting distinguish this exhibition proposal. Beatrice's painting themes are placed in precise strands of the pictorial tradition: still life, tromp-l'oeil, heads taken from sacred stories, but also in some way from the icons of the Byzantine tradition.
Beatrice Meoni's work is for the most part a set of wrong things composed in the right way. Each brushstroke or background or transparency or underlying trace tells us that her painting is the result of a continuous correction, an attempt to relate poetically to a mental image. The subjects are often "broken", compositions of fragments in free fall. The figures do not express dynamism, on the contrary they are recomposed in a static and rather precarious balance and the artist's function is to assemble possible images, more suggested than clearly explained. The need to fragment already in the conceptual phase perhaps has to do with the impossibility of grasping things as a whole, typical of a contemporary reality where the excess of information struggles to restore a global context. When the subject is a person, the question is how to be able to describe a face. Is it still possible to portray a man? To fix a look? These are the questions coming from the works exhibited in this show. These are behaded heads arranged on a sloped plane, in an evident imbalance, a hinted slip that is not only referred to the language that composes the image, but perhaps also to its deepest meaning; a sort of questioning of the aims of the operation itself.

Surplace art space
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Viale San Pedrino 4, 21100, Varese, VA, Italy