Mythical Island
Works and reflections on what we think an island is, what we expect from it and what really happens. Even in secret.
Stefania Missio, Labirinto, smalto, filo e perle su feltro, 2018
11 December 2021
15:00 – 20:00
Being a small studio, it is preferable to arrange a visit by appointment to avoid crowds.

The studio will offer a visit and a view of the works created in recent years with one of the most experienced icons of the collective imagination as a guiding thread: the island. Island as a place both abstract and physical, ideal and mortal, of total connection with the outside or of closure without remedy. Great inspirer of mythical destinations and repository of great truths, true but different for each traveler. There are those who do not travel to the islands: they are the inhabitants, who find themselves in front of travelers in search of these truths. Who is the real custodian? Island as a garden of the Hesperides, a labyrinth of itself, an infinite container word. The works created by Stefania Missio on the occasion of the Florence Biennale 2021 will also be exhibited and available. Furthermore will be illustrated some of the book works created by Italian and foreign artists for the 8th International Artist's Book Review in Rome (developed in 2007 on the them Isole/Islands/Islas), an exhibition of which Stefania Missio was artistic director for a decade, reaching Italian and foreign museums such as the MART in Rovereto. One of the original copies of the artist's book by Maria Lai: Ca 'de Janas, part of the studio's private collection, is also on view.

Stefania Missio/TheMythicalProject
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Via Mario Boccone, 1 , 07024, La Maddalena, Sassari, Italy