Alla Sapienza - Video-poetry
Presentation of some works by the artist and writer Antonia Calabrese with declamation of an unpublished poem by the same author.
Antonia Calabrese
11 December 2021
online event

Video-poem presentation of some painting and picto-sculpture works by the artist and writer Antonia Calabrese along with a declamation of the unpublished poem "Alla Sapienza", by the author.
The works developed between 2009 and 2021, accompanied by the sound of music and words, are taking on their evocative character to the point of mirroring the image of the author in the shield of the Minerva Memore. Shown works are: Saturnia; Saturnia with peacock; Athena Ergane, goddess of wisdom and protector of the arts; Canto Libero (Free song); Saturnia Sapienza, idealizing portrait of the deceased mother, abstract and perfect model of Italic wisdom with indirect reference to the goddess Juno in the corolla of peacock feathers and Minerva Memore, divine intelligence and wisdom that heals, remembers and answers prayers. About the work "Canto libero": Libertas, an ancient divinity of Roman religion, is represented by the cat (in this case, the author’s) lying at the feet of Juno and symbolizes, according to classical iconography, the freedom to come and go as you please. Before assuming a social value, that of "freedom" was a sacred concept and the exclusive prerogative of the Roman citizen.
The sacred iconography showed the goddess Libertas seated and flanked by the divinities of Abeona and Adeona, the one personification of "She who goes" and the other of "She who returns", whose peculiarities and prerogatives were absorbed over time from Juno. In the painting, Juno is presented with a scepter adorned with cuckoo flowers and is crowned with gold, meaning that gracefully expressed authority constitutes female power and that the woman is free when she finally becomes aware of herself. Minerva, armed with a golden armor, helmet and spear, stands in front of her, to say that authority must be balanced by wisdom and that power must be managed with wisdom and kindness. At the top and in the center between the two goddesses, an eagle with golden feathers represents Jupiter, King of the gods and supreme authority as in the triad of Roman worship, constituted, in fact, by Jupiter, Juno and Minerva. In the upper background, the Sun God is depicted as radiant. At the center of the composition is the only (at the moment) self-portrait of the author, with his gaze turned upwards, at the invisible of the senses perceptible in the spirit.
The poem "Alla Sapienza" is unpublished and is part of the collection “Lo Scrigno segreto (e la poesia ritrovata)”, (The secret casket and the rediscovered poetry), currently being published and out in January 2022. Videos, images, text and narrating voice are by Antonia Calabrese, music is "Tenderness” by Benjamin Tissot. Starting from 8.00 on 11 December 2021, the video-poem will be presented on the author's YouTube channel, on the FB page of Antonia Calabrese Artworks ( and on the blog of the MAMLetterario at

Antonia Calabrese
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