a door opens, a world opens up. Luca Venturelli and Elena Campus will show you their latest research by visiting their studio and their small house
Elena Apollonia Campus, frame video " Spugna", 2021, cortesia dell'artista
11 December 2021
17:00 – 21:30

An intimate place, in continuous research and development. Luca Venturelli and Elena Apollonia Campus' home-studio is pleased to open its doors to explore their world of art and collecting.

Luca Venturelli, an emerging painter, develops his research on interpersonal relationships by expanding this connection with that of the world around us. A tangle of bodies, symbols and animals on a geometric background studied and calculated so that everything is precise, in its place, in complete harmony with what it finds around.

Elena Apollonia Campus, sculptor, arrives in digital expression by creating videos and digital collages. Her intimacy opens up in the search for the other, in delicate gestures that define shapes and rhythms. Currently, she conveys this theme in the exploration of one's roots, in the search for oneself through one's own land. In an ever-flowing globalized world, there are no longer any defined borders. You get lost in a sea of ​​fragments.

In addition to their works, the small collection of works of art by Luca Venturelli will be exhibited. For about 5 years he has invested in art and wants to surround himself with works that have not missed his signature. “When I see my works close to those of great artists I don't think they are outdone. That's where I understand that, in the end, I did a good job! ”.
Depero, Pistoletto, Aubertain and Balla will be some of the artists you can meet in their home.

We will be happy to create a family atmosphere by inviting you to have a glass of wine with us!
Reservation is recommended, +39 3207875205

Studio d'artista
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via Amilcare Ponchielli 17, 21052, Busto Arsizio, Varese, Italy