Michael Christopher Brown
Michael Christopher Brown
11 December 2021
09:00 – 17:00

In his exhibition, curated by Ezio Costanzo, Brown will exhibit the reports realized in the various theaters of local wars, on behalf of the Magnum agency and other international newspapers, where the author has immortalized the violence of conflicts and the existential conditions of civilian populations. The exhibition will host 220 photographs that will also include the international preview of the "A more beautiful world" project, a real mission for the protection of the planet, which Brown is carrying out by documenting the plagues that afflict the Earth today but also the aspects that they offer hope for human survival.
Photographs of reports on Libya, Cuba, China, Africa, Palestine, Afghanistan, America and recent social conflicts in the United States will be exhibited. An area of the exhibition will be dedicated to the reportage that the author will make during his residency in Sicily.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a sound installation by the sound artist Michele Spadaro.

Galleria di Arte Moderna - Le Ciminiere
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Piazzale Rocco Chinnici, 95129, Catania, CT, Italy