star reflected
Luigi Rocca
11 December 2021
9:30 – 18:00

The installation "Astèri" will be placed in the center of a small lake, "Lago Vardari or Orchidea", located in the mountain of the small and ancient village of Davoli (Calabria).
The work will be created with white triangular floating canvases, which, placed side by side, will form a 5-pointed star.
Instead, on the shores of the lake will be placed stars made of forex, always white in color.
On the occasion of the Contemporary Day, the installation "Astèri" will be presented to the public at dusk so that those present can admire the illuminated artistic work that will be available from 11 December 2021

Studio Rocca Grafica & Design
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I traversa Viale della Repubblica, 15, 88060, Davoli, CZ, Italy