"A tribute to Valie Export"
The Trepiede Company in a tribute to the performance artist Valie Export will stage three of her performances to continue her feminist struggle, honouring her works.
Compagnia Trepiede, studio dal 2019 al 2021, photocredits compgnia trepiede
11 December 2021
17:00 – 19:30

Compagnia Trepiede is a project that was born at the end of 2019 and that involves three women: Francesca Vatteroni, Irene Bertanelli and Gaia Carlini, from the need to be able to break down cultural limits and gender stereotypes rampant within the urban context in which they grew up.
The project has its roots in performance art, touching also disciplines such as video art, photography, body painting and cinematography.
The themes dealt with mainly concern current issues in the field of social struggle, with particular attention to the figure of the woman and her role in society.
In "A tribute to Valie Export" the Company puts in place three remakes of different works of the artist with the desire to pay tribute to the performer who has always carried out the feminist struggle.
This performance, was performed by Valie Export in front of cinemas in ten European cities from 1968 to 1971, she wears on the upper part of her naked body, a costume consisting of a box open on the front. Passers-by are invited to insert their hands in the box, which alludes to a cinema where paradoxically one can touch but not see. The action wants to denounce the exploitation of the female body in the world of cinema, considered an essentially voyeuristic experience. In this performance, on the contrary, the woman takes control and freely offers herself, in spite of social rules. The "audience" not only has direct, tactile contact with another person, but does so seen by the other people present.
Installation consisting of a resin platform on which are arranged the spread legs of a woman from the center of which sprout two red neon lights symbolizing blood.
In place of the bust there is a monitor broadcasting a Catholic mass.
V.E "The bed becomes a symbol of both childbirth and death. The video shows a part of the Catholic Mass, particularly Communion, in which, through the blessing of the host and the consecration of the wine, the body of Christ is metaphorically born. It is a divine birth, of Christ and the body of Jesus, in contrast to the birth of a human being, which is associated with the pain of the female body."
photographic series made between '72 and '76 in which Export analyzes the relationship between the female body and urban architecture often determined by a male language.
She explores the body in its adaptation to the environment, making its inner condition visible through the positions assumed by its figure in space. The correspondence between body and urban forms, the unnatural postures assumed by the figure, underline the contrast between the organic nature of the human body and the severity of the urban landscape, bringing out the tension between the individual and the ideological and social forces that shape the city's architecture.

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