Without Within
Francesca Falzarano
8 December 2021
10:00 – 17:00

Helena Westra
I think of my paintings and 2D work as a means to make still a moment in space, whether it be of my inner or outer landscape, and sometimes, it is of both. With an interest in psychology, I create most oftentimes intuitively and reflect on the work to better understand my psyche. I am
exploring scenes that are rooted in the American West locale, tapping into the association and symbology of the "Wid' West as a place that is simultaneously treacherous and yet full of promising potential. Although variant in medium and subject matter, this examination of the desire
to contemplate unvisited lands and the happenings within them is recurring.

Francesca Falzarano
I loose my ceramic pieces to express feelings during different periods of my life. I want the work to speak for itself while inspiring and informing others that they are not alone. At times through life it is easy to feel distant from others in society, as no one has the "perfect lifestyle".
However, in a way each person is truly trying to find themselves and their purpose. The pieces of work shown include a message of self growth. The growth always continues, but the person becomes stronger and blossoms in their own way through the process.
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