Self Bazar
Solo Show by Josep Maynou
Baguette Lamp, stivale, lampadina, e baguette, cm 60x31x14, 2020, ph. credits Raphaël Lugassy
11 December 2021
10:00 – 19:00

UNA is happy to announce Self Bazar, the first solo exhibition in Italy by Josep Maynou (*1980, Barcelona).
Josep Maynou's multidisciplinary approach is both performative and object-based. It comes together as a form of contemporary storytelling, a fictional take on everyday life in the form of humorous ideas that expand onto his objects. Like a diary, these objects recount the story of a specific moment, offering historical references and giving direction to the performance aspect of Maynou’s practice.
Any everyday object is susceptible to become a base for Maynou’s drawings; such as tables or chairs, a pine panel, glass bottles, or ceramic plates. Hand-painted, the artworks from the series
Gallerists' Favourites introduce themselves as the most known dishes of the Italian tradition, and, even more, the favourite ones of UNA gallerists’. Empty chocolate bar wrappers, that Josep began to repurpose during the lockdown period in Paris, are the protagonists of the Chocolate Diaries series. Improvising in the wake of a lack of materials, these wrappers were transformed into notebooks capturing ideas for works not yet realised, overheard phrases that felt important not to forget, fragments of exercises from a French class, drawings, etc...
Josep Maynou's exhibition transforms the gallery space into a "Self Bazaar", a playfully disorganized presentation of everyday objects, which become artworks telling an individual and collective story.

Via Sant'Antonino 33, 29121, Piacenza, Piacenza, Italy