Star Makers
Star Makers is a contemporary art exhibition with international artists coming from different parts of the world, following a journey among the stars.
Credits Fondazione Oristano
11 December 2021
10:00 – 19:00

Star Makers is a workshop about ideas, with a combination of light hearted and deep thoughts, life and fun.
Everything in life is intertwined, and evolves. An exhibition of contemporary art that looks to the sky and to the star symbol to talk about humanity, about reality.
The Star Makers, Akira Inumaru, Hans George Berger, Jean Claude Borowiak, Evelyne Galinski, Gigi Rigamonti, Alejandro Robles, Tineke Smith, were put together piece by piece, work made with their hands, ideas, images, emotions, and spirituality. Our task is to support them, nurturing their ability and encouraging them to express themselves through concrete actions. The Star Makers look to Utopia: their message has crossed the sidereal spaces, and now lands on earth adjacent to people's lives. Their work takes centre stage and witnesses the power of knowledge.
It is up to us to start our journey, together with art as the witness.
I have had the privilege of working behind the scenes. I have enjoyed their trust, bringing together the unique and extraordinary experiences of contemporary art, an art that is born and lives in our time. Thanks to the star builders who lead the way, sow fertile fields and have the gift of purity, with the ability to turn a smile into a surprise.

Fondazione Oristano
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piazza Giorgio Luigi Pintus, 09170, Oristano, Oristano, Italy