A conversation with artist Laura Cionci, moderated by Miriam La Rosa
Laura Cionci
6 December 2021
19:00 – 20:00

The talk will touch upon specific themes addressed in Laura’s work: the relationship between art, life and nature; the notion of cura (which translates into ‘care’ but also ‘healing’ and ‘medicine’), explored as a tension between Western approaches and philosophies, and ancestral wisdoms and knowledge; and the potential role of dreams—the experiences of dreams—in dealing with the anxieties of the present.
These topics will be discussed in the context of works by Laura that include the multi-layered project Stato di Grazia (State of Grace) (2018—ongoing) and its latest iteration, entitled INCUBAZIONI ONIRICHE (Oneiric Incubations) (2021). The project brought the artist to travel from Italy to Colombia in 2018, where she presented her research in the exhibition Corpo, Spirito e Anima (Body, Spirit and Soul), and Australia in 2019. Throughout these journeys Laura developed a series of installations, performances and workshops, which stimulate the imagination of the participants to produce a collective public artwork, as well as a publication.
Finally, Laura and Miriam will consider possible future developments in the artist’s practice, drawing from their current collaboration for a large-scale project supported by IIC Sydney, that is scheduled to take place between Italy and Australia in 2022-23.

Istituto Italiano di Cultura
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level 4 , 125 York Street, 2000, Sydney, NSW, Australia