KISS ME e WOMAN ON WOMEN di Malena Mazza L’incredibile nuova serie di Malena Mazza , KISS ME che parla attraverso immagini altamente pittoriche,
Malena Mazza
11 December 2021
14:00 – 18:00
via Quadrio,18 2 Floor

KISS ME and WOMAN ON WOMEN press kit by Malena Mazza

The incredible new series by Malena Mazza,
KISS ME speaking through highly pictorial images,
that lead us from the removal of the "SAFE KISS" to finally
to the desire for contact of "DOUBLE KISS" and what is more contact than a kiss?

(Let's not forget that Malena Mazza in March 2021 had 2 exhibitions at the same time in Genoa, 1 of images, 1 of videos with the theme
"Breatlhess" from which this new series takes shape.)

A kiss without reticence that screams hug and closeness to the world,
simply Love.

Love also for life and the earth which, thanks to the total sustainability of these innovative and exciting works printed by hand on recycled corrugated cardboard, collected among the waste which has been given a second life and made to rise to art.

Together with these works Malena Mazza presents "Woman on Women"
Limited and signed edition Art Book that transcribes the socio-cultural transformation of women in the last 40 years through images, in a sequence of frames, and in the nuanced flashes of a female imagination,
in an uninterrupted Joician stream of consciousness, the inner monologue of a film artist like Malena Mazza

Malena Mazza
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via Quadrio,18, 20154, milano, lombardia, Italy