Nicola Evangelisti. New Quantum & Light Art
solo show
New Quantum. La luce di Nicola Evangelisti. Foto di Sara Meliti courtesy Villa Contemporanea
11 December 2021
15:00 – 19:00
The exhibition will continue until 16 January 2022

Villa Contemporanea is glad to present New Quantum and Light Installations: Nicola Evangelisti’s solo show, curated by Michela Ongaretti.
Evangelisti is one of the greatest light artists in Italy, whose work is here investigated through two different bodies of research. On one hand New Quantum, his latest production of light paintings, site specific for the gallery space; on the other the structures build with LEDs, plastic materials, crystals and engraved mirrors.
Both installations and photosensitive paintings shape spaces with light as a physical and poetical material. Their projects are based on scientific principles studied to understand the complexity of Nature, often representing the development of an energetic path from an ideal spark, connecting two poles.
In the first room the two monumental modular paintings are specular, facing each other in their chromatic complementarity. The fluorescent paint reverberates the changing subject, through the two phases of white and Wood light, creating an immersive environment.
Evangelisti’s cosmogonic vision reminds how human presence is infinitesimal in the Universe, though macrosm is reflected in an eye as a microcosm. In New Quantum irid’s ramification starts from the pupil reaching the light, but from a different point of view that veins end up in the dark of the same pupil, absorbing energies, depicting a symbolic Big Bang.

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