What you don't see about me
A sensory experience where you are invited to relate to paintings and sculptures, as individual identities, to be known in their peculiar and individual diversity.
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11 December 2021
11:00 – 19:00
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Alice Voglino
What you don’t see about me
Curated by Cristina Cuttica

November 11, 2021 // January 9, 2022

Atelier Alice Voglino
Corso Milano 23

Seeing helps us to know what surrounds us, to make it familiar, to bring it back to what we know and feel as safe, while we are comforted by a view that confirms personal convictions and strengthens our personal beliefs about the world.

But what happens if we change our point of view? If we turn our attention to other features and aspects that we have not seen so far?

Through her exhibition titled "What you don't see about me" the painter Alice Voglino leads us through a physical-metaphysical space, where we feel as if color and light take us by the hand. We are invited to refine our perceptive capacity to allow us to consider that there is always something that we cannot yet see, and that people are always much more than what we see at first.

By sharing her research, the artist invites us to go beyond our personal convictions and conventions to make us experience what happens when we change point of view, leading us to reflect on the meaning of reality’s identity and complexity.

The exhibition "What you don't see about me" is a sensory experience where you are invited to relate to paintings and sculptures which, as individual identities, offer themselves to the eye to be known in their peculiar and individual diversity.

Being exhibited within an enclosed space, the works/identities are displayed to expose even their most intimated details, in order to highlight what the observer cannot grasp at first sight.

When a white light is used, the works look in a certain way, but they change when they are exposed to ultraviolet light, while in the dark they glow under reflected light.
The works are identities that, when enabled to tell us something about themselves, they allow us to get a glimpse of the apparently non-existent or hidden features that escaped our hasty judgment.

From being just a physiological function that allows us to recognize what surrounds us, seeing, therefore, becomes an emotional experience for our whole being that, in turn, establishes a physical and metaphysical relationship with what it sees, acquiring it as deep knowledge.

“Every occasion and every encounter - says Alice Voglino - are opportunities to grasp apparently hidden aspects of us and from us. Seeing takes time and interacting, it requires listening to others and empathy, as well as commitment and understanding. "

The exhibition can be visited until January 9, 2022 by appointment and with a valid COVID Pass.

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